Kristina Stojanović Čehajić

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1.10.2003. - 22.5.2009. Diplomirani psiholog Departman za psihologiju Filozofski fakultet, Univerzitet u Nišu

Radno iskustvo

15.1.2019. - Reasearch Associate Working on the project "Cultures of Rejection (CURE): Conditions of Acceptability in Socio-Spatial and Digital Environment in Contemporary Europe", which is a cooperation of 5 European countries (Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Serbia and Austria) and is financed by Volkswagen Stiftung. The aim of this project is to better understand the shift in everyday life towards polarization and radicalization that has occurred due to the rise of right-wing movements and parties in Europe. The research starts from the premise that cultures of rejection emerge as the result of crises in Europe’s democracies, as well as the changes to national institutions and consequently civil society. Since rejection is a threat to all forms of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence, the project seeks to study the conditions that have led to rejection of, among else, immigration, political elites, media and certain values, such as equality of the sexes. Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe, University of Rijeka
1.9.2014. - 14.1.2019. Insight Director EyeSee is an award-winning tech startup that developed a comprehensive behavioral science lab in the cloud. Methodological potential of EyeSee lab includes: - Use eye tracking, facial coding, web navigation tracking, judgement and decision games, and more - individually or together, and in simulated environments. - Collecting quantitative neuroscientific, biometric, behavioral, UX, CX, and survey-based data simultaneously and faster than standard methods. As a highly experienced professional in market research, my role in EyeSee covered several areas: - Mentoring: Supervising less experienced researchers in project management, methodological design and insights, coaching in client relationship and communication. - Education: Teaching market research methodology, as well as the use of specific methods in market research (facial coding, eye-tracking, virtual shopping, implicit association testing, questionnaires, focus groups...). - Consultancy: Bringing strong knowledge of marketing, research and psychology together, for the purpose of insightful and actionable findings. I also took part in the development of new methodological tools and solutions in the company. EyeSee Research
1.10.2013. - 15.7.2014. Customer Insight Manager Leading a team of 5 professionals from two Telenor business units, Serbia and Montenegro. In charge for delivery of customer insights in line with business needs for all company divisions (Marketing, Strategy, Technology, Telenor Bank, etc). Key tasks: - Finding the best methodological solutions for getting insights on specific business issues - Cooperation with and adjustment of findings to different level end-users within the company: management board, directors, managers and specialists - Active involvement is business strategy development and business decision making - Coordination of market research agencies - Leading a team of professionals with different areas and levels of market research expertise - Handling a market research budget Telenor Srbija
1.2.2013. - 1.10.2013. Research Manager, Technology Leading a team for market research in digital technology an telecommunication. Responsible for both research output quality and financial results of GfK Serbia Technology Market Research sector. GfK
1.1.2012. - 1.2.2013. KAM, Senior Research Consultant Key Account Manager for one of the biggest GfK clients in telecommunication industry. Independent project managing and creating research designs, data reporting and delivery of fact-based business consultancy. Extensive experience in Usage & Attitudes, Brand and Communication, New Product Development, Segmentation and Conjoint analysis studies. Advanced usage of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Special expertise in confectionery market (FMCG). GfK
1.10.2009. - 1.1.2012. Junior Research Consultant Using methodological aproaches and statistical techniques of psychology and sociology in the field of marketing and communication. - Methodological design of up to 100 qualitative and quantitative market research studies - Data analysis and reporting - Presentation and client relationship
1.11.2008. - 15.2.2009. Researcher Co-author and researcher on the project “Socio-economic and Demographic Correlates of Participation in Secondary Education in Serbia”. Engagement included creating methodological approach, data processing, and reporting. The final result is a research paper published in one of Teams publications “Analysis of Poverty Characteristics in Serbia”. Team for Social Inclusion and Reduction of Powerty, Ministry of Science, Serbia
1.10.2006. - 1.10.2008. Junior Teaching Assistant (Demonstrator) - Statistics and Psychometrics Organizing and conducting the exercise classes on courses „Basics of Psychological Statistics”, “Multivariate Statistics” and "Psychometrics" including activities such as: demonstrating statistical methods in statistical software SPSS, working with students as a mentor, checking and grading their papers, organizing additional classes for students having trouble with the material. Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, University of Niš