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1.1.2004. - PhD Department of History and Civilisation European University Institute, Florence, Italy
1.1.1999. - MA European Studies University College Dublin, Ireland
1.1.1992. - BA (Mod.) English Language and Literature Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Radno iskustvo

1.3.2009. - 30.6.2015. Visiting Professor of Irish Studies Department of English, University of Zagreb, Croatia
1.9.2007. - 31.8.2008. Lecturer University of Limerick, Ireland
1.9.2005. - 31.8.2006. Postdoctoral Fellow Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin
1.1.2005. - 30.6.2005. Adjunct Professor New York University

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- Modern British and Irish Literature

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- Twentieth-Century Anglophone Drama

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- Reading Film

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- British Culture and Civilisation

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- Introduction to Literature

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Mentor u završnim radovima

- 'More English than the English': Cultural Translation and Hybridity in Zadie Smith's White Teeth
Irina Štefanić
Engleski jezik i književnost
- The Notions of House and Home in Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December
Selma Elkasović
Engleski jezik i književnost
- Famine, Emigration and Survival in Joseph O’Connor's Star of the Sea
Ivan Žufić
Engleski jezik i književnost
- Body and Mind in Yeats's Later Poetry
Paola Peruč
Engleski jezik i književnost
- Visions of Ireland in W.B. Yeats's Early Works
Ema Rupčić
Engleski jezik i književnost

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1.1.2009. - 1.1.2015. Irish Studies

Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
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Znanstveni radovi

1. Aidan O'Malley
The Return to Helicon (Review of Florence Impens, 'Classical Presences in Irish Poetry after 1960: The Answering Voice')
Dublin Review of Books - 2018.

2. Aidan O’Malley
The Aestheticising of Minorities in 'The Crane Bag'
Pilar Villar-Argáiz, ed., Irishness on the Margins: Minority and Dissident Identities (New York: Palgrave) 153-171 - 2018. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-74567-1_8

3. Aidan O'Malley
‘An Easy Conscience’: Review of Hubert Butler, Balkan Essays (Chris Agee and Jacob Agee, eds.)
Dublin Review of Books - 2018. http://www.drb.ie/essays/an-easy-conscience

4. Aidan O'Malley
“To eat one’s words”: Language and Disjunction in Joseph O’Connor’s Star of the Sea
Neo-Victorian Studies 8 131-59 - 2015. http://www.neovictorianstudies.com

5. Aidan O'Malley and Eve Patten
Introduction. Ireland: West to East
Aidan O’Malley and Eve Patten, (eds.), Ireland, West to East: Irish Cultural Interactions with Central and Eastern Europe (Oxford, Bern and New York: Peter Lang) 1-22 - 2014.

6. Aidan O'Malley
Hubert Butler ‘In Europe’s Debatable Lands’
Aidan O’Malley and Eve Patten, (eds.), Ireland, West to East: Irish Cultural Interactions with Central and Eastern Europe (Oxford, Bern and New York: Peter Lang) 179-94 - 2014.

7. Aidan O'Malley
‘Introduction. East, West: Then, Now’
European Journal of English Studies 17 125-32 - 2013. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13825577.2013.797179#abstract

8. Aidan O'Malley
Nationalism in Exotic Clothes? Postcolonial Thinking, Gender and Translation in The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing
Ilha do Desterro 19-38 - 2008. https://periodicos.ufsc.br/index.php/desterro/article/viewFile/2175-8026.2008n54p19/12716

9. Aidan O'Malley
Praeteritio: (Non-)Possession and the Translational Impulse in Ní Chuilleanáin’s Work
Irish University Review 37 178-96 - 2007. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25517344

10. Aidan O'Malley
Rhyming Hope and History in the ‘Fifth Province’
Michael J. Griffin and Tom Moylan, (eds.), Exploring the Utopian Impulse: Essays on Utopian Thought and Practice (Oxford, Bern and New York: Peter Lang) 293-311 - 2007.

11. Aidan O'Malley
Re-Translations, or, Can the Postcolonial Construct a Home? A Reading of Brian Friel’s The Communication Cord
EnterText 2 68-83 - 2003. http://www.brunel.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/111149/Aidan-OMalley-Re-Translations,-or,-Can-the-Postcolonial-Construct-a-Home.-A-Reading-of-Brian-Friels-The-Communication-Cord.pdf

12. Aidan O'Malley
Hosting Chekhov: A Reading of Brian Friel’s Translation of Three Sisters
Fionnuala Dillane and Ronan Kelly, (eds.), New Voices in Irish Criticism 4 (Dublin and Portland OR: Four Courts Press) 115-24 - 2003.

Znanstvene knjige

1. Urednik knjige
Aidan O'Malley and Eve Patten (eds.)
Ireland, West to East: Irish Cultural Interactions with Central and Eastern Europe
Peter Lang Oxford, Bern and New York - 2014. http://www.peterlang.com/index.cfm?event=cmp.ccc.seitenstruktur.detailseiten&seitentyp=produkt&pk=70948
Aidan O'Malley
Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities: Performing Contradictions
Palgrave Macmillan Basingstoke and New York - 2011.
Preuzeto sa: https://bib.irb.hr/prikazi-rad?&rad=545795

Pozvana predavanja

1. Aidan O'Malley
‘Using Multimedia in a Literary Class’
Hrvatsko drustvo za anglisticke studije, University of Zagreb - 18.10.2014.
2. Aidan O'Malley
‘Croatia as Ulster: An Unlikely Comparison? Hubert Butler and the Ambivalences of Irish-Croatian Parallels’, ,
Faculty Day Colloquium, University of Rijeka - 8.5.2014.
3. Aidan O'Malley
‘Viewing the Spectre of Stephen Dedalus through a Cracked Lookingglass’
Zagreb Bloomsday Festival, University of Zagreb - 16.6.2011.
4. Aidan O'Malley
‘Translating Home: Field Day and Irish Studies’
'European Perspectives on Irish Studies', Universitá di Roma Tre, Italy - 3.6.2011.
5. Aidan O'Malley
'The Metaphorical Ethics of Translation: Home, Hospitality and Fidelity’
Hrvatsko drustvo za anglisticke studije, University of Zagreb - 6.6.2009.
6. Aidan O'Malley
‘Thinking of History in Other Ways: Some Theoretical Reflections on the Interactions of History and Literature from the Perspective of Translation’
'History and Literature: 19th Century Perspectives', European University Institute, Florence, Italy - 11.6.2004.
7. Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation and the Familiar Other: Towards a Reading of Tom Paulin’s The Riot Act’
'Representations of the Other', European University Institute, Florence, Italy - 3.5.2001.
8. Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation and the Negotiation of Hospitality and Hostility: The Example of Joyce’
'Gender and In/Exclusion', European University Institute, Florence, Italy - 9.6.2000.

Kongresna priopćenja

Aidan O'Malley
‘F for Fake: Orson Welles’s Adaptation of a Fictitious Autobiography’ Izlaganje The Association of Adaptation Studies Annual Conference, 'Facts: True, Alternative, Evolving' The University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 28.9.2018.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Hubert Butler and Rebecca West: Unearthing Post-Colonial Irelands in Yugoslavia’ Izlaganje International Association for the Study of Irish Literature’s annual conference Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 25.7.2018. https://www.ru.nl/iasil2018/
Aidan O'Malley
‘The Politics of Translating the Classics into Contemporary Ireland’ Izlaganje 13th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English NUI Galway, Ireland - 23.8.2016.
Aidan O'Malley
‘‘The Impact of Translation’ on Seamus Heaney’s Translation Work’ Izlaganje International Association for the Study of Irish Literature’s annual conference University College Cork, Ireland - 26.7.2016.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Larger than Life: Orson Welles’s Forging of the Artistic Self’ Izlaganje Autobiography in Context University of Rijeka - 21.11.2014.
Aidan O'Malley
‘The Concept of ‘Europe’ in Irish Studies: Varying Visions since 1968’ Izlaganje English Studies as Archive and as Prospecting University of Zagreb, Croatia - 18.9.2014.
Aidan O'Malley
‘“What becomes of the ivy when the trees fall down?” Hubert Butler at Home and Abroad’ Izlaganje Ireland: East and West University of Zagreb, Croatia - 23.9.2011.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Performing Contradictions: Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities’ Izlaganje Modern Languages Association 2008 Convention San Francisco, USA - 28.12.2008.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation, Cultural Difference and the Politics of the Original in Ezra Pound and Ngugi wa Thiong’o’ Izlaganje Royal Irish Academy conference In/Difference: Current and Historical Perspectives on Cultures in Contact University of Limerick, Ireland - 10.11.2007.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Strategies of Postcolonial Translation in The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing’ Izlaganje Memory and Cultural Translation Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland - 21.4.2006.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Field Day’s Translation of Irish Identities’ Izlaganje American Comparative Literature Association’s 2006 Annual Meeting Princeton University, USA - 25.3.2006.
Aidan O'Malley
‘The Translation of the ‘Fifth Province’ in Field Day’s Dramas’ Izlaganje Ralahine Conference on Utopian Studies, Exploring the Utopian Impulse University of Limerick, Ireland - 12.3.2005.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation, Trust and Irony: A Reading of Derek Mahon’s High Time (a Translation of Moliere’s L’Ecole des Maris)’ Izlaganje Literature and Its Others University of Turku, Finland - 9.5.2003.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Re-Translations, or, Can the Postcolonial Construct a Home? A Reading of Brian Friel’s The Communication Cord’ Izlaganje Translating the Postcolonial Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick, England - 9.3.2002.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Hosting Chekhov: A Reading of Brian Friel’s Translation of Three Sisters’ Izlaganje New Voices 2002 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - 3.2.2002.

Znanstveni projekti

1. 1.1.2009. -
Artikulacija nacionalnog identiteta u modernoj hrvatskoj i irskoj književnosti ; Co-investigator; Znanstveno-istrazivacki projekti MZOS-a; ; http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?projekt=130-0000000-3482

Uredništva časopisa

1. 1.1.2013. - European Journal of English Studies 17: 2 (August 2013). Special issue: ‘Myths of Europe: East of Venice’


1. 2019. Review of: Benjamin Keatinge and Mary Pierse, eds., France and Ireland in the Public Imagination, The ESSE Messenger, 28:1, Summer 2019, pp. 113-15.
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Stručna djelatnost

Stručna aktivnost

16.3.2018. - 16.3.2018.
'Time in Yugoslavia: Hubert Butler and Rebecca West'. Public discussion with Chris Agee, Kinoteka, Beograd, Serbia.
Belgrade Irish Festival, 2018   Invited Speaker
7.12.2017. - 7.12.2017.
Okrugli stol: "Irska literatura in njene povezave s Slovenijo" (zajedno s prof.dr.sc. John-om McCourt-om i prevoditeljicom Tinom Mahkotom) u sklopu Tjedna irske kulture u Sloveniji. Gradska knjižnica Otona Župančića, Ljubljana, Slovenija (dio projekta 'Svet med nami')
Filozofski fakultet u Ljubljani, Irsko veleposlanstvo, Gradska knjižnica Ljubljana i Narodni muzej Slovenije.   Invited Speaker

Javno djelovanje

Javna predavanja

1. 30.5.2018. - (with doc. dr. sc. Antonija Primorac) Public discussion with the writers Jan Carson and Carys Davis Festival of the European Short Story, Rijeka, 30 May 2018.
Festival of the European Short Story
Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci
2. 18.5.2016. - ‘1916 and Literature’
Zagreb Book Festival
3. 1.12.2015. - ‘Reading Yeats’
‘Yeats 150’, Zagreb
4. 16.3.2015. - ‘Cultural Interactions between Ireland and Croatia’
Address to Irish and Croatian political and cultural figures
City Hall, Zagreb
5. 14.11.2014. - ‘John McGahern and His World’
Launch of Slovenian translations of three John McGahern novels
Modrijan Publishing House, Ljubljana, Slovenia
6. - Public interviews with the Irish writers Kevin Barry, Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, Patrick Cotter and Micheál Ó Conghaile
Festival of the European Short Story


1. 29.6.2013. - 'Little cause for celebration in Croatia on cusp of EU accession'
The Irish Times (http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/little-cause-for-celebration-in-croatia-on-cusp-of-eu-accession-1.1446840)

Novinski članci

1. 31.5.2018. - ‘Suočavanje sa stvarnošću: zašto je Irska glasala da se ukine 8. amandman’
'Jutarnji List', p. 19.
2. 4.4.2018. - Poezija, mučeništvo i političke komemoracije u Irskoj