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1.1.2004. - PhD Department of History and Civilisation European University Institute, Florence, Italy
1.1.1999. - MA European Studies University College Dublin, Ireland
1.1.1992. - BA (Mod.) English Language and Literature Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Radno iskustvo

1.3.2009. - 30.6.2015. Visiting Professor of Irish Studies Department of English, University of Zagreb, Croatia
1.9.2007. - 31.8.2008. Lecturer University of Limerick, Ireland
1.9.2005. - 31.8.2006. Postdoctoral Fellow Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin
1.1.2005. - 30.6.2005. Adjunct Professor New York University

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- Modern British and Irish Literature

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- Twentieth-Century Anglophone Drama

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- Reading Film

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- British Culture and Civilisation

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- Introduction to Literature

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Mentor u završnim radovima

- 'More English than the English': Cultural Translation and Hybridity in Zadie Smith's White Teeth
Irina Štefanić
Engleski jezik i književnost
- The Notions of House and Home in Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December
Selma Elkasović
Engleski jezik i književnost
- Famine, Emigration and Survival in Joseph O’Connor's Star of the Sea
Ivan Žufić
Engleski jezik i književnost

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1.1.2009. - 1.1.2015. Irish Studies

Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
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Znanstveni radovi

1. Aidan O’Malley
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2. Aidan O'Malley
‘An Easy Conscience’: Review of Hubert Butler, Balkan Essays (Chris Agee and Jacob Agee, eds.)
Dublin Review of Books - 2018. http://www.drb.ie/essays/an-easy-conscience

3. Aidan O'Malley
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4. Aidan O'Malley and Eve Patten
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5. Aidan O'Malley
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6. Aidan O'Malley
‘Introduction. East, West: Then, Now’
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7. Aidan O'Malley
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8. Aidan O'Malley
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9. Aidan O'Malley
Rhyming Hope and History in the ‘Fifth Province’
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10. Aidan O'Malley
Re-Translations, or, Can the Postcolonial Construct a Home? A Reading of Brian Friel’s The Communication Cord
EnterText 2 68-83 - 2003. http://www.brunel.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/111149/Aidan-OMalley-Re-Translations,-or,-Can-the-Postcolonial-Construct-a-Home.-A-Reading-of-Brian-Friels-The-Communication-Cord.pdf

11. Aidan O'Malley
Hosting Chekhov: A Reading of Brian Friel’s Translation of Three Sisters
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Znanstvene knjige

1. Urednik knjige
Aidan O'Malley and Eve Patten (eds.)
Ireland, West to East: Irish Cultural Interactions with Central and Eastern Europe
Peter Lang Oxford, Bern and New York - 2014. http://www.peterlang.com/index.cfm?event=cmp.ccc.seitenstruktur.detailseiten&seitentyp=produkt&pk=70948
Aidan O'Malley
Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities: Performing Contradictions
Palgrave Macmillan Basingstoke and New York - 2011.
Preuzeto sa: https://bib.irb.hr/prikazi-rad?&rad=545795

Pozvana predavanja

1. Aidan O'Malley
‘Using Multimedia in a Literary Class’
Hrvatsko drustvo za anglisticke studije, University of Zagreb - 18.10.2014.
2. Aidan O'Malley
‘Croatia as Ulster: An Unlikely Comparison? Hubert Butler and the Ambivalences of Irish-Croatian Parallels’, ,
Faculty Day Colloquium, University of Rijeka - 8.5.2014.
3. Aidan O'Malley
‘Viewing the Spectre of Stephen Dedalus through a Cracked Lookingglass’
Zagreb Bloomsday Festival, University of Zagreb - 16.6.2011.
4. Aidan O'Malley
‘Translating Home: Field Day and Irish Studies’
'European Perspectives on Irish Studies', Universitá di Roma Tre, Italy - 3.6.2011.
5. Aidan O'Malley
'The Metaphorical Ethics of Translation: Home, Hospitality and Fidelity’
Hrvatsko drustvo za anglisticke studije, University of Zagreb - 6.6.2009.
6. Aidan O'Malley
‘Thinking of History in Other Ways: Some Theoretical Reflections on the Interactions of History and Literature from the Perspective of Translation’
'History and Literature: 19th Century Perspectives', European University Institute, Florence, Italy - 11.6.2004.
7. Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation and the Familiar Other: Towards a Reading of Tom Paulin’s The Riot Act’
'Representations of the Other', European University Institute, Florence, Italy - 3.5.2001.
8. Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation and the Negotiation of Hospitality and Hostility: The Example of Joyce’
'Gender and In/Exclusion', European University Institute, Florence, Italy - 9.6.2000.

Kongresna priopćenja

Aidan O'Malley
‘The Politics of Translating the Classics into Contemporary Ireland’ Izlaganje 13th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English NUI Galway, Ireland - 23.8.2016.
Aidan O'Malley
‘‘The Impact of Translation’ on Seamus Heaney’s Translation Work’ Izlaganje International Association for the Study of Irish Literature’s annual conference University College Cork, Ireland - 26.7.2016.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Larger than Life: Orson Welles’s Forging of the Artistic Self’ Izlaganje Autobiography in Context University of Rijeka - 21.11.2014.
Aidan O'Malley
‘The Concept of ‘Europe’ in Irish Studies: Varying Visions since 1968’ Izlaganje English Studies as Archive and as Prospecting University of Zagreb, Croatia - 18.9.2014.
Aidan O'Malley
‘“What becomes of the ivy when the trees fall down?” Hubert Butler at Home and Abroad’ Izlaganje Ireland: East and West University of Zagreb, Croatia - 23.9.2011.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Performing Contradictions: Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities’ Izlaganje Modern Languages Association 2008 Convention San Francisco, USA - 28.12.2008.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation, Cultural Difference and the Politics of the Original in Ezra Pound and Ngugi wa Thiong’o’ Izlaganje Royal Irish Academy conference In/Difference: Current and Historical Perspectives on Cultures in Contact University of Limerick, Ireland - 10.11.2007.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Strategies of Postcolonial Translation in The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing’ Izlaganje Memory and Cultural Translation Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland - 21.4.2006.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Field Day’s Translation of Irish Identities’ Izlaganje American Comparative Literature Association’s 2006 Annual Meeting Princeton University, USA - 25.3.2006.
Aidan O'Malley
‘The Translation of the ‘Fifth Province’ in Field Day’s Dramas’ Izlaganje Ralahine Conference on Utopian Studies, Exploring the Utopian Impulse University of Limerick, Ireland - 12.3.2005.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Translation, Trust and Irony: A Reading of Derek Mahon’s High Time (a Translation of Moliere’s L’Ecole des Maris)’ Izlaganje Literature and Its Others University of Turku, Finland - 9.5.2003.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Re-Translations, or, Can the Postcolonial Construct a Home? A Reading of Brian Friel’s The Communication Cord’ Izlaganje Translating the Postcolonial Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick, England - 9.3.2002.
Aidan O'Malley
‘Hosting Chekhov: A Reading of Brian Friel’s Translation of Three Sisters’ Izlaganje New Voices 2002 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - 3.2.2002.

Znanstveni projekti

1. 1.1.2009. -
Artikulacija nacionalnog identiteta u modernoj hrvatskoj i irskoj književnosti ; Co-investigator; Znanstveno-istrazivacki projekti MZOS-a; ; http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?projekt=130-0000000-3482

Uredništva časopisa

1. 1.1.2013. - European Journal of English Studies 17: 2 (August 2013). Special issue: ‘Myths of Europe: East of Venice’


1. 2017. Review of: Konstantina Georganta, Conversing Identities: Encounters between British, Irish and Greek Poetry, 1922-1952, The ESSE Messenger, 26: 2, Winter 2017, pp. 64-6.
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Stručna aktivnost

16.3.2018. - 16.3.2018.
'Time in Yugoslavia: Hubert Butler and Rebecca West'. Public discussion with Chris Agee, Kinoteka, Beograd, Serbia.
Belgrade Irish Festival, 2018   Invited Speaker
7.12.2017. - 7.12.2017.
Okrugli stol: "Irska literatura in njene povezave s Slovenijo" (zajedno s prof.dr.sc. John-om McCourt-om i prevoditeljicom Tinom Mahkotom) u sklopu Tjedna irske kulture u Sloveniji. Gradska knjižnica Otona Župančića, Ljubljana, Slovenija (dio projekta 'Svet med nami')
Filozofski fakultet u Ljubljani, Irsko veleposlanstvo, Gradska knjižnica Ljubljana i Narodni muzej Slovenije.   Invited Speaker

Javno djelovanje

Javna predavanja

1. 18.5.2016. - ‘1916 and Literature’
Zagreb Book Festival
2. 1.12.2015. - ‘Reading Yeats’
‘Yeats 150’, Zagreb
3. 16.3.2015. - ‘Cultural Interactions between Ireland and Croatia’
Address to Irish and Croatian political and cultural figures
City Hall, Zagreb
4. 14.11.2014. - ‘John McGahern and His World’
Launch of Slovenian translations of three John McGahern novels
Modrijan Publishing House, Ljubljana, Slovenia
5. - Public interviews with the Irish writers Kevin Barry, Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, Patrick Cotter and Micheál Ó Conghaile
Festival of the European Short Story


1. 29.6.2013. - 'Little cause for celebration in Croatia on cusp of EU accession'
The Irish Times (http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/little-cause-for-celebration-in-croatia-on-cusp-of-eu-accession-1.1446840)

Novinski članci

1. 4.4.2018. - Poezija, mučeništvo i političke komemoracije u Irskoj